Diabetes and Exercise  

by Pool Builders on 05-04-2007 in Articles

Diabetes is generally found in overweight people. Diabetes and exercise are complementary, since exercise lowers sugar levels and reduces the need for insulin. Exercise also protects the body against heart attacks and strokes, strengthens bones, tones and strengthens muscles, improves how you feel, relieves stress, improves your quality of sleep, and the quality of your life. While you may think the list of benefits might be applicable to anyone, it is even more applicable to diabetes. Each of the benefits may require a reduction in medication. Lowering sugar levels and reducing the need for insulin can bring your sugar levels down enough that you may not need medication at all. By lowering your risk of heart attacks and strokes, you may also not need medication for cholesterol or high blood pressure, as your body will be fit and healthy.

Once you start losing weight, muscle and joint pain will go away, and exercising will become easier. It's always difficult to start, especially if movement is uncomfortable. Walking as little as 30 minutes a day can have a positive effect. Walking for a few hours once or twice a week will not only cause pain because your body is not used to the exercise, but it doesn't count toward regular diabetes and exercise routine. Swimming is a wonderful form of low or no impact exercise that is perfect for people who are not used to the exertion of walking or jogging. A half-hour in the pool, with some kicking or swimming, or even water aerobics, can be very beneficial. You may find that starting in the shallow end with some minor aerobics will be so enjoyable that you want to do more. Year-round swimming pools are no available at many health clubs or physical therapy centers, and health insurance may pay if it is for a diagnosed medical condition. It is worth investigating the possibility with your health insurance provider.

Once you are walking and exercising, you'll be sleeping and thinking better. Colors will seem brighter, food will taste better, and you will probably find you are happier. Exercise releases many chemicals in your body that make you feel better, and feeling better about yourself will make you want to experience the change. You can control your diabetes and exercise your right to a happier, healthier life.

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