Diatomaceous Earth For Purifying Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2010 in Articles

If you want to ensure that your swimming pool remains clean and free from impurities, then you can simply check out for Diatomaceous Earth. Once you have identified the shape and size of pool you intend building, the next important step is to check out for the right filtering system. Some of the basic filtering systems include cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth. The concept of filtering system is to ensure that the impurities are filtered and that the swimming pool remains clean. With DE, you can be absolutely sure about the filtering.

Sand filters are generally preferred by many swimming pool owners, thanks to the low pricing. However, they may not be as effectual as DE. However, one needs to bear in mind that even though sand helps in filtering impurities, it also helps the particles in getting re-circulated into the pool, which totally defeats the entire purpose behind installing the filtering system.

Cartridge filters are yet another option, they purify the pool water. Depending on the price range, the quality would vary. An expensive filter will last you for many years. Just make sure you maintain the filters regularly. Cheaper filters are not effective and you may have to keep replacing them quite often, which in the long run becomes an expensive proposition and it may not be feasible every time. Diatomaceous earth filters (DE) is but the ideal solution for pool water cleaning. DE comprises of substances which are dug out deep from the earth. The DE filters comprise of a filter that contain grids. When the mixture is poured on the housing, the grids are coated and it will remain as a filter for microorganisms and particles. They can sieve even the minutest particles and hence is considered as the finest filtering medium.

However, as compared to the other two mediums of filtering, DE is slightly expensive, but is effectual and turns out to be cost effective in the long run. They can filter microscopic debris to as much as 5/1000 of the millimetre. You can be assured of the cleanest water in your swimming pool. You may want to add DE to the cartridge and sand filters for making it cost effective, but there is not other substitute for diatomaceous earth.

DE and sand are the right combination for keeping your swimming pool water clean. Just make sure to clean the filters at regular intervals, if you want to be assured of clean water. With care and appropriate maintenance, your DE filter will last you for atleast twenty years and even more. The DE filter needs to be backwashed, so that it remains clean. You may want to hire professional help for getting the filter cleaned, if you are not quite conversant with the process.

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