Did You Know That With the Right Swimming Lessons, a Young Baby Can Learn How to Float?  

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If you are a new parent or have a young child, you will know how frightening water can be. After all, it takes but an inch or so of water for a child to be able to drown. This is why it is so important that you teach your child about water safety from an early age. As soon as you can enrol your child in swimming lessons, you should do so. After all, the sooner they start classes, the sooner they will actually be able to swim as well.

Before Swimming

However, did you know that you can teach a baby, even as young as a few months old, to swim? It isn't really swimming with strokes and distances, but more a case of learning how to float. This program has already saved over 1,000 lives in the USA and is something that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and other countries as well. The ability to float is a real life saver. Furthermore, starting with something like this will teach them to not fear water either.

Where to Find Classes

The best place to find swimming classed tends to be your local leisure centre. They usually offer a variety of classes, including parent and child swimming. This is a great opportunity to bond with your baby as well, because skin to skin contact in water releases oxytocin, the bonding hormone produced by nursing mothers.

Different Types of Classes

Depending on your child's age and ability, there are a number of different classes available. These include:

Infant survival swimming, which is not offered at all pools but is the course that teaches your baby how to float, sometimes even before they can walk.

Parent and baby swimming, which is mainly about having fun in the water with your baby and getting them used to swimming.

Toddler swimming, where they learn the basics of swimming.

Full swimming lessons.

Once your child starts to take up full swimming lessons, they will learn the different strokes and will actually become proper swimmers. All the lessons before that are designed mainly to increase safety in and around water, as well as teaching them not be afraid of water and seeing it as an enjoyable experience. The later you start with these lessons, the harder it will become for your child to actually learn how to swim. Hence, don't delay the lessons. If your local leisure centre offers them, enrol your child as soon as possible.

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