Did You Know That You Can Continue Your Swim Routine If You Are Pregnant? The Tops Benefits You Will Get From Swimming During Pregnancy  

by Pool Builders on 03-07-2013 in Articles

Mum and child both receive excellent benefits when the mum decides to exercise during the pregnancy. The only downside to exercising whilst pregnant is that the extra weight that you are carrying may make some exercises more difficult and even dangerous to perform. The wonderful news is that swimming is an exercise that is ideal for a pregnant woman, and if you have a swimming pool in your back yard it is even better. A backyard pool will allow you to start and stop at your own pace, and there is no rush to complete a routine. Some women wonder if an activity like swimming is the best exercise for their pregnancy. There are several advantages that pregnant women receive when they swim.

Swimming Increases Blood Circulation

Swimming is by no means a strenuous exercise, but it can greatly improve your heart rate and your circulation. This is great for your baby because the increased blood circulation will ensure that your child receives all of the essential nutrients that they need to develop.

Before you get into any swimming pool make sure there is a healthy level of chlorine in the pool, and there is no bacteria in the pool.
Swimming Allows You to Stay Healthy Whilst You Are Pregnant
Because you will be maintaining the strength of your muscles and your heart rate, you will be able to work out more effectively after you have given birth. Swimming whilst you are pregnant will also help you to lose weight faster after pregnancy. Most doctors advise against jogging and running after the first trimester, and yoga does not elevate the heart rate enough for an effective cardio exercise. This is why swimming is the preferred exercise for pregnant women.

Swimming Allows You to Maintain a Healthy Weight Whilst You Are Pregnant

Not only will you stay strong throughout your pregnancy, swimming will allow you to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight. It can be extremely tempting to sit at home and eat ice cream all day because "you are eating for two", but you should engage in a low impact form of exercise like swimming to keep the excess pregnancy pounds at bay.

Swimming Is A Great Way to Stay Healthy and In Control

When a doctor suggests exercise to a bloated and tired mum, it can start a tailspin effect. Any exercise can seem overwhelming because for some women, it is difficult enough to get out of a chair after sitting down for a period of time. Swimming is an activity that will allow you to be supported by the water, and you will have a feeling of control.

As stated earlier, swimming helps your child establish a steady rhythm of breathing by increasing the amount of air the lungs can hold. Babies are not the only ones that can benefit from an increased lung capacity; elderly people can also have a decreased lung capacity. This decrease in lung capacity can also lead to an increased chance of developing asthma. If your child has been diagnosed with asthma or another respiratory illness, you should consult with a doctor before you enrol them in a swimming lesson.

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