Different Amenities Offered by Hotels  

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When you are planning a trip, knowing what types of features hotels offer can help you decide where to stay. If you plan to spend any time in your room, you want to know what types of features and amenities the facility has to offer. There are several different amenities offered by chains and smaller motels. Typically, there are certain amenities offered with the cost of your accommodations.

Continental Breakfast

Many hotels offer a continental breakfast as an amenity for guests. Choosing accommodations that include the breakfast can help you save money on your trip. Eating in your room or the dining room will save you the cost of dining out for breakfast. Depending on the location, continental breakfast options often include cold or hot cereal, donuts, muffins, milk, juice, and coffee. Many include other pastries and breads including bagels as well as fresh fruit.


Many facilities offer free Wi-Fi to guests. This is an important amenity for many guests. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, checking about free Wi-Fi before your stay is important. Some facilities offer free Wi-Fi in the lobby but not in rooms. Asking about Wi-Fi before booking your vacation is the best way to find out if they offer the service.


Many hotels offer free newspapers for their guests. Some have all the national newspapers available. Other facilities have local papers available for guests. Some facilities automatically provide all guests with a free weekday morning newspaper, delivered right to their room. Other facilities have free newspapers for guests to read in the lobby each day.


Most hotels have at least one swimming pool. Some have two swimming pools with one inside and one outside. If you are traveling during colder months, this can be an important amenity if it is an inside pool. Families with children often enjoy an indoor pool when they travel. They often spend some time at the pool, which can help save on expenses when traveling.


Many facilities now offer the use of a gym for their guests. Equipment can vary with each location. This can be important to anyone who works out daily. An available gym will allow you not to miss any workouts. Knowing you will have a place to work out that is included with the cost of your room can help decide where you stay.

Doing research on the hotels you are thinking of staying in can help you choose the right one. Some accommodations include amenities while others are not included in room cost. Knowing what is available where you will be staying will help you plan your trip. Certain features offered can help you save money on your trip as well as keep you busy.

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