Different Automatic Pool Cleaners and Why They're the Best Choice

by Pool Builders on 01-29-2014 in Articles

There is nothing worse than getting up on a warm sunny day with the family and heading outside to take a swim, only to find the water green and unwelcoming. Unfortunately this happens more than you may realize and while the family may think they've done everything right in terms of maintenance and cleaning, they haven't use an automatic pool cleaner to scrub the pool while filtering the debris.

The water will turn green as a result of algae and if you don't have the right pool cleaner than can clean the floor and walls, then the only other option is to scrub it by hand, but this method isn't as effective as you may have hoped.

Most homeowners want sparkling water without the heavy cost, which is understandable. Luckily there are a number of automatic pool cleaners available on the market, giving you the opportunity to learn about each one and then choose the one you feel will offer you the best service.

The first option you may want to have a look at is the pressure side cleaner. In most cases these cleaning options come with a separate booster pump, which reduces the stress on your existing pump. These devices move around a pool with ease and come with their own filer bag.

The disadvantage to this type of device is that it doesn't scrub; it is there to remove large debris from the water. It is an exceptionally powerful device, which results in it stirring up the smaller debris, enabling it to get sucked into the filtration system. Unfortunately this device isn't effective on the sides of the pool, but still remains a top choice with homeowners throughout the country.

The next option is the suction side option. These don't have their own pump or filter and use your existing equipment. As you can imagine, the downside is that this can put additional pressure on your existing pump and filter, so it's advisable to ensure they are strong enough to handle the extra load.

This device sucks the dirt through the existing filter, returning the water clean and clear. This is probably one of the more economical options when it comes to automatic pool cleaners as it scrubs the sides as well, cleaning the entire pool with ease.

As with all of these devices, this one has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that you will need to clean your filter more regularly to reduce buildup of debris, this is because all the debris caught by your filter and cleaner all go through one filtration unit.

Then there are the robotic automatic pool cleaners, which are considered highly efficient. When it comes to these devices you are looking at a slightly higher price tag, but it may be worth it in the long run.

These automatic pool cleaners are self-sufficient and contained. They come with their own motor and built in filter, reducing any stress on your existing equipment. These devices are highly effective and even clean steps and the waterline.

The disadvantages are that the device needs to be removed after each clean. They are not a leave in device and the second is the price. Yes these are a more expensive option, but their cleaning ability is exceptional.

As a homeowner you have to decide how much time you have to dedicate to keeping your pool clean. If you lead a hectic lifestyle, the robotic option may be the best choice; you can throw it into the pool and pull it out a few hours later.

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