Different Places Where You Can Try Infrared Saunas  

by Pool Builders on 02-29-2012 in Articles

Far Infrared saunas are acquiring a place for itself in our mundane life with its huge list of physical and health benefits. Here is a list of places where you can try out the sauna before finally buying one for your home.


Spas are the best place to find infrared saunas and try them out. Whether it's a mineral spring spa or Ayurvedic spa, you can easily locate FIR saunas in the spas. If you are not regular with this system and want to give it a try, then spas can be your choice. In spas, you can just go and enjoy a sauna session at a low cost. If you like them, then you have the option to go ahead and buy infrared sauna.


Swimming pools also have infrared saunas in their list of products and services. So, if you are a member of any swimming pools in your city, then you have the opportunity to enjoy sauna session without spending much. Some swimming pools even go ahead one step and offer their valued members to enjoy infrared saunas at free. While installing a sauna at your home can be a costly affair, trying them outside can save you from spending huge bucks at a time.

Bathroom Stores:

Another way to find infrared saunas is checking out your local bathroom stores. Most of the eminent bathroom fitting stores keep FIR saunas in their list of offerings besides their full range of taps, bathroom suites, showers, basins and showers. Thus, you can perform a market survey by visiting all the bathroom stores and check out their ranges easily. But you cannot expect the bathroom store owners to allow you for a FIR sauna session. So you need to be happy by seeing it and its features in your eyes.

Fitness Centers and Gyms:

The most authentic place to find infrared saunas is a fitness center or gym. At least, they are more available than bathroom stores or spas. 80% of the fitness centers have their own sauna system as a part of their fitness training regime. What all you need to do is check out whether it is a traditional steam sauna or FIR sauna. Start your search from your own gym where you go everyday after a hectic day at office.

Resorts and hotels:

Resorts and hotels have their infrared saunas to offer luxury and pleasure to their valued customers. So if you are on a holiday and your resort has its FIR saunas, then take a chance and try it out. At least, you will be able to figure out whether it suits you or not. If you find it appealing, then go and buy one for yourself after returning back from the holiday. Or else, put a stop after your very first session.

Local dealers of infrared saunas, doctor's Clinics and garden shows can also be your source of this modern sauna system. Try this out and stay healthy for as long as you live.

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