Different Sexy Swimsuits for Different Outings   

by Pool Builders on 09-11-2008 in Articles

Sexy swimsuits are meant for women to look hot and sassy apart from giving ultimate comfort. There are several occasions that require women to wear swimsuits. However, for every occasion the swimwear needn't have to be the same classic maillot or sexy bikini. You can't imagine yourself in a hot swimwear to your child's pool party. Hence, it's very important to ascertain the right swimsuit for each different outing. Here is a brief guide to choose appropriate swimwear for different swimsuit occasions.

For an outing in the Beach

On your trip to the local beach, if you plan to engage in a casual round of Frisbee or beach volleyball, you will more likely want a swimsuit that stays in place. For beach sports, you need a style that won't gap when you are leaping for a wayward pass or spiking a ball. A halter bikini top paired with boy shorts or full bikini briefs is ideal for this occasion. This swimwear provides adequate coverage and stay in place.

Lounging on the Poolside

If you love to get tanned by lounging around the poolside, then you need a swimsuit designed specifically for lounging. For lounge swimsuit, you can safely indulge in latest wild fashion as you won't be engaging in lot of movement. Plunging necklines, one-shouldered maillots, thong bikini, cutouts there are so many designs through which you can flaunt your body freely. However, just take care to choose a sexy swimsuit as per your comfort level and the population of your local swimming pool.

Tropical summer vacation trip

For your summer getaway, you need hot swimwear with cool colors and patterns which evokes carefree, vacation time feelings. A maillot or bikini in a Hawaiian motif or floral pattern is ideal for this occasion. If you don't like colourful floral pattern, then you can go for light, pastel colors or sporty stripes.

Country Club Party

Some elegant yet sexy swimsuits are required for country club theme parties. Your swimwear certainly shouldn't look prim or matronly. You can opt for some classic styles hot swimwear. A bandeau or halter bikini or a maillot in a pretty pastel or floral print and even White swimsuits are appropriate for such occasion. The cut of your sexy swimsuit should be tasteful also make sure the swimsuit has plenty of lining, if you plan to get wet.

Lap Swimming

For serious swimming, you don't need sexy swimsuits as they won't be very functional. On the other hand, you do not need to don a full-body wetsuit before entering the pool as that too is not very comfortable. One-piece polyester swimsuits are best for this occasion. Make sure your swimwear contain a high percentage of spandex or Lycra. Spandex ensures that the swimsuit stays in place while the polyester will hold up longer under the destructive powers of chlorine. You can choose bright, fun color or waist defining styles to make your swimwear look hotter.

Hope the above tips will be helpful for you to choose the right swimsuit for the right occasion. So go ahead and choose a sexy swimsuit as per the right occasion which can give you ultimate comfort as well as augment your sexy look.

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