Different Styles and Colors of Pool Liners

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2009 in Articles

One might ask, why do I need anything other than a classic blue pool liner? The answer is... you don't. Think about this for a minute though. When consumers go to the store to buy shoes, sneakers, or clothes they often choose the items that will make them feel good about themselves or look good. They may also be trying to impress someone else. The same thing goes for your house. Why would someone choose a mansion with 10-15 rooms verses a 1 level ranch with enough bedrooms for everyone in their house, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and a living room. Sometimes it is because people make a certain income and feel like they have to live up to a certain standard. However, 2 people making the same income may each choose one of these 2 options. At this point, it is because what they want for themselves out of life is completely different and their priorities are different.

It is not much different when choosing a pool liner. You can choose a classic blue liner or you can choose from a variety of other styles and themes of liners. There are aquarium liners, for example, that may make you feel like you are swimming with multi-colored fish in the ocean. There are also boulder style liners that make you think you are at the beach with waves splashing up against the rocks. You can also choose from beaded liners or overlap liners. If they are made from the same material, no matter what you choose, it will probably last the same amount of time. Just as with almost any other product consumers shop for, there are many different varieties and styles of pool liners to choose from.

A swimming pool is an investment you make only once or twice in your lifetime so choose wisely when you choose your pool liner. Most people only have to replace their liner every 20 years or so unless something unusual happens. You want to be able to enjoy the investment you have made and keep it looking good. Think of your pool liner as the walls to your swimming pool. Just like the walls in your house, you choose the color you want them based on your own wants and needs.

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