Different Swimming Strokes - Swimming Health Benefits  

by Pool Builders on 10-15-2011 in Articles

Do you love to swim? Do you enjoy the different swimming strokes such as breast stroke, butterfly, etc? Are you aware that each stroke has respective beneficial features and those who practice will benefit? There are several types of strokes in swimming that you can practice. Some of the most popular strokes include back stroke, front crawl, and other freestyle strokes.


Backstroke is an easy stroke for swimmers. If you are new to swimming, backstroke will be easy for you to learn. Let see some of the movements related with backstroke. When you learn the correct leg kick you have to do the following:

• Bend your knees slightly
• Keep your ankles and feet in a relaxing pose
• Emphasize on your up-kick to gain propulsion

Now for the arm strokes:

• Start moving your arms in alternating position in a windmill movement. You should follow the movements as they rotate around your face.
• Cup your hands and allow your thumb to leave the water first
• Now push water with your hands moving them in "S" pattern

Front Crawl stroke

Front crawl, mostly known as freestyle, is one of the easiest and most popular strokes for any beginners. Though it is simple, if you are new to swimming, you can face some difficulty to co-ordinate your breathing as your face will be in the water.

Freestyle flip turn

This is a somersault in water. It is one of the efficient ways of turning at the end of a pool and also time saving. Swimmers often use this freestyle and in Olympics this stroke is often seen.

Butterfly stroke

It is a somewhat difficult swimming stroke. If you are a beginner you may not be expected to practice this stroke. Butterfly demands good strength and also perfect timings. While practicing the stroke you will find that your legs are moving together like a dolphin kick. You need to move your arms for pushing water backward and downward. The torso will undulate moving through water in the way an earthworm moves.


This is really a difficult stroke. It requires exact timings. In any swimming competition if a swimmer is out on her or his timing, is disqualified. This stroke is not easy for beginners and you need to gain expertise to perform the stroke.

These are some of the swimming strokes that are common to most of us. If you are new to swimming you must not practice the difficult strokes without help. If you are eager to perform strokes like butterfly or breaststroke it helps to have swimming lessons to gain a better understanding of the techniques.

The easy strokes or the difficult strokes all need to be practiced if you want to be an expert in swimming. Apart from gaining expertise you can also enjoy swimming health benefits [http://exercisehealthbenefits.com/types-of-exercise/swimming-health-benefits/] and maintain fitness while you swim. Different diseases like arthritis need swimming as an alternative treatment. Moreover, swimming is also a relaxing and refreshing pleasure water activity. So, if you feel tired and want to get relaxed you can go swimming.

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