Different Types of Pool Heaters  

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Pool heaters are a great way of warming your pools and maintaining perfect temperature even during cool days, nights or evening is a must. Swimming heaters facilitate extending swimming season and thereby provide heat on demand. To be precise, no other piece or water heating equipments, whether it is a solar heating application or a heat pump has the required ability to heat pool water as quick as a pool heater.

Selecting the perfect size heater is one of the important features of a swimming pool. You need to also the working system of the heater. Pool heaters work on flaming fuel to generate heat. This is passed through heat exchanger and water is pulled out from your pool. You can notice that the water is considerably warmer than it was reintroduced into the swimming pool.

Size of swimming pool heaters

BTU output is the rate or swimming heaters. This BTU represents British Thermal Units. This is a measurement such that 1 BTU can raise 1lb temperature of water by 1degree Fahrenheit. Hence, more the BTUs produced by a heater, the faster will be the heat received in the pool. As the pools shapes and sizes differ, you must calculate the BTUs required heating the swimming pool. This can be determined by:

Calculating the surface area is relatively easy using simple calculations:
€ Kidney-shaped pools: width x length x 0.75
€ Round pools: (1/2 diameter)radius x radius x 3.14
€ Oval pools: length1/2 x width1/2 x 3.14
€ Rectangular featuring rounded ends: width x length x 0.8
€ Rectangular pools: width x length

Commercial Pool Heaters are a must in almost all the seasons. The spring time is the time when the water is very cold and is a must to have heaters installed. However, on the hottest days also pools are cold and using it without heaters is possible only during hottest summer months.

Investing in solar pool heaters is also right, but now with the wide choice of pool supply available, you may be delighted to acquire affordable solution. The gas pool heaters circulate water by warming it up and return to the pool. However, it is a must to use low emission pool heaters of reliable brand names. Installing heaters ensures a comfortable temperature that allows cooling down, besides the pleasure of swimming for longer.

Gas heaters offer cheap source of energy to heat your pool. They are cost-effective and safe to use. Having electric heaters in top quality models is recommended to have the desired effect.

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