Different Types of Swim Fins

by Pool Builders on 10-13-2009 in Articles

Although it might seem a bit impossible, there actually are different types of swim fins available. The different types are designed for both different purposes and different focuses. For example, diver's fins will be much different than fins used for just the swimming pool. Let's take a look at the different kinds of swim fins.

The first is the FINIS Zoomers model and related fins.

These are smaller, less flexible fins that do not have extended blades like most other fins. Because of this, swimmers with Zoomers-type fins need to kick more (rather than kick harder) to attain the same speed. As a result, these swimmers will probably have a harder time matching up to those with extended blades.

The second is the traditional swim fins.

These have extended blades (over a foot for some fins) that emphasize effort on each kick rather than low-power, high-frequency kicking. If you have these, expect some pain very quickly, much earlier than you would with Zoomers fins.

The final is the divers fins.

These are definitely not used in the swimming pool, although they might have a similar effect. Since divers fins are not designed for training, they have stiffer blades and a different shape, mostly wider than traditional swim fins.

The next time you go out to buy swim fins, determine what purpose you are getting the fins for. If you want endurance training, go for Zoomers. If you want to dive, obviously get the divers' fins. If you want strength training, go for traditional fins. Getting fins that don't match the purpose will probably ruin the training or diving experience at hand.

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