Different Types of Swimming Pool Fences, Installation, and Preservation  

by Pool Builders on 06-08-2011 in Articles

A pool fence is type of fence that is build around the swimming pool in backyard, for the safety of small children or any other accidents. Swimming Pool fence can be of any material, but standard materials are aluminum, Glass and timber. The material you choose is totally depend on your choice based on why you want to place a swimming pool fence or the capital available to you. Some people prefer the style and other prefer safety. Whatever material you choose it will have its own advantages and style Here is description of material normally used for pool fence.

Timber Pool Fencing:

Timber pool fencing is made of timber and normally placed in habitat where you want to give a natural look to pool like if pool is built along timber flooring or pool within gardens. These fences are stylish and can be altered if desired. They are in form of panels or wood fence therefore they are easy to install.

Aluminum Pool Fencing:

Aluminum is durable material and normally used around pools when safety is bigger issue. These fences are of different styles and offer range of colors. The life of Aluminum fences are longer and do not need much safety measures. Aluminum fence can be merged in any house structure and can bring style to even simple house.

Glass Pool Fencing:

Luxury is definitely a concept associated with glass and its use in any house structure. Therefore, when you use glass fencing around pool you will automatically generate a luxurious and immaculate image of your house. Glass fences are reliable and totally seen through fences but they are expensive and need expertise to setup.

Pool Fence Installation:

Before placing a swimming pool fence in your house first thing you need to do is check out the rules and regulation of local authorities as different place have different rules regarding fence placement for example, height of fence, area covered and so on. If you ignore these rules you can get yourself in trouble and elimination of installed fence. Secondly you will need at most one partner who can be your helping hand and thus you can do this job easily at your own.


Pool fences can easily be maintained by regular care. The only important thing is to keep fences clean as you can encounter fungal problems. In this prospective Aluminum and timber need only washing with clean water and not more care than that. But in case of glass you will need to keep glass clean with sanitizer or proper anti bacterial glass cleaners.

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