Different Types of Swimming Pool Filters

by Pool Builders on 02-25-2010 in Articles

Pool filter and pumps are important accessories for your swimming pool. Outdoor swimming pools always become dirty as twigs and leaves fall on it frequently. Moreover, the mustard algae formation in water is triggered during humid weather. Hence, pool owners must keep the water clean through water treatments and by installing correct swimming pool filters.

You can find different kinds of swimming pool filters in the market. Basically, you will find three different types of swimming pool filters. All of these types are efficient in cleaning water and each of them has their own unique features and advantages.

Sand Filters- This type of swimming pool filters is very simple and uses a layer of sand to clean the water. The dirty swimming pool water goes inside the filter from one side and flows through the sand layer which purifies it. The clean water flows out from the other end of the filter. You must clean the debris from this filter on a weekly basis, so it does not get clogged.

Cartridge Filters- The operation of this one is almost similar to that of oil filters in a car engine. The cartridge fitted inside this one contains special purifying materials. The dirty water flows inside the cartridge and the impurities are deposited in the purifying materials. The fresh and clean water comes out of the cartridge from the other end of the filter. Since the cartridge gets filled with debris it needs to be replaced after regular intervals.

Diatomaceous- This is the most efficient one among all the three types. The tiny diatoms inside this one can clean minute debris which is as small as 5 microns in size. Naturally, this not only clears the twigs and leaves but can clean your pool from those tiny dust particles that causes bacteria formation in water.

A pool owner needs to take proper care while installing a swimming pool filter since improper installation can reduce its efficiency. You must take proper care to connect the filter with the pool pump. Checking for leakage and other technical problems should be done periodically. A good pool accessory merchant can give you the best filters available in the market and will give you useful tips for installation as well. Pool Supply For Less is a good merchant for pool accessories. Visit their official website to see their products and purchase them online. You can also read the client's testimonials on the website which will give you feedback about the products.

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