Different Types of Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 09-01-2010 in Articles

You can enhance the value of your home by installing an indoor or outdoor swimming pool. It adds a luxurious feel to your house and can get you a good re-sale price. But deciding the type of pool to go for can be a little tricky as there are several options to choose from. The selection will depend on your design preferences, budget and the available space. Here are some of the swimming pools you can consider.

Above-ground pools

Above-ground swimming pools, as the name suggests, are installed above the ground level. You don't t need to dig up your yard to install this type of pool. Depending on the material used, the pools are classified into two types: soft sided and hard sided. The soft sided pools are made of rubber or latex while the hard sided pools use metals or fibre glass. They come in various shapes, sizes and are easy to install. The installation can be done even by an amateur, keeping costs down. But these pools are not quite durable and often lack aesthetic appeal.

In-ground pools

In ground pools are more popular, seen commonly in homes, hotels and resorts. They can be shaped and designed according to your specifications as they do not come as pre-fabricated kits.

Vinyl lined pools

A vinyl lined pool is the cheapest variety of pools available. It is constructed by digging out the soil and constructing the frame. Sand is placed at the bottom and the wall is constructed out of metal, wood or plastic. The floor and walls are then lined with vinyl coating. Although they are quite cheap, they require replacement once in every ten years.

Fibreglass and poured concrete pools

Fibreglass pools are made of single piece of fibreglass which is placed by digging out the ground. It is then surrounded by a concrete deck structure. For the poured concrete variety, the concrete material is poured in a wooden frame. They are highly durable but difficult to construct.

Gunite pools

Gunite pools are made from frames of steel rods. The frame, which is also called rebar rod, is coated with a mixture of cement and sand, called gunite. A smooth coating of gunite is made and left to dry for one week. A plaster coating is then added to give it a finishing touch. These are durable pools that can be customised according to your needs.

Portable pools

As the name suggests, portable pools can easily be carried along whenever you like. They are also called baby or kiddie pools. All you need to do is to place the pool liner on the ground and inflate the ring. Fill it with water and the pool is ready. You can store it conveniently and carry it wherever you want, on trips and vacations.

Installing a permanent pool in your house is an important decision. You need to take various factors into consideration such as availability of space, budget, time convenience and choose the right option from a wide variety of swimming pools available in the market. It is advisable to hire the services of an experienced pool builder to get a permanent pool installed.

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