Different Types of Swimming Pools to Install at Home

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

If planning on installing an outside swimming pool it is important to consider a variety of factors. The type of pool installed is certain to relate to the climate experienced and available budget for this type of investment. Here are some of the main types of pools to install at home -

Above Ground

When searching the most cost-effective option of installing a pool it is likely to relate to the above ground models. They come in a range of attractive designs and materials with common choices including those in aluminum and steel. An above ground swimming pool is ideal for those living on a property that isn't able to accept the in ground pools.

In Ground

If you have a large budget for the swimming pool and the ground plot offers the space then it certainly benefits to look at installing the in ground pools. They not only appear more attractive and usable, but they also help with adding a significant sum to the market value of the property. In ground pool structures are wide-ranging and can include -

Vinyl Lined

A vinyl lined pool is perfect for those likely to experience cooler temperatures in the winter since they are able to handle these conditions more effectively. A simple pool to care and maintain with winter maintenance issues related to draining and covered the pool until the more desirable weather returns. Vinyl lined offers one of the more cost-effective choices to have installed but it is important to inspect the pool liner at regular intervals since this requires replacing more often than other materials.


A next step up from the vinyl lined pools includes the swimming pools manufactured in fiberglass. A fiberglass built pool is often constructed in a single piece in a factory and transported to the site for installation. A pool of this type can appear highly attractive once in place. A great aspect of using this type of material for a pool relates to lower maintenance costs since a lot less chemicals or solutions are required to control the water quality.


A desirable aspect of the concrete pools is the ability to invest in the more unique and custom design structures. Each pool is crafted out of the reliable concrete material and completed with a choice of paint or tiles. A concrete pool is certain to be appreciated in those areas that experience the high temperature ranges. And since this type of pool is made with such a solid structure they require minimal care and repairs in the future.

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