Different types of Hayward filters  

by Pool Builders on 04-18-2012 in Articles

A regular cleaning and sanitization is very much essential for keeping your pools healthy and hygienic. Water contaminated with debris such as sand or dirt can cause a serious harm to your skin and health. Hayward filters have made it possible for pool owners to enjoy the highest level of precision in cleaning and sanitizing their swimming pools without much effort. They provide a perfect solution to all your aquatic problems in a hassle free manner. As these filters are equipped with advance heavy duty motor and are also durable and easy to use, they are becoming popular choice among the swimming pool owners.

Depending upon the type of filtration technique, these filters can be broadly divided into three different categories. These three categories of Hayward swimming pool filters are cartridge filters, sand filters, and diatomaceous or DE filters. Depending upon the size of your pool, the precision of cleaning and the amount of money that you are planning to spend for your pools, makes you distinguish between these three varieties of pool filters.

Sand Filters-The Hayward sand filters are fitted with a container which is filled with special pool grade sand. When the water is pumped into these filters, the sand in the container acts as a sieve and helps in removing all the impurities present in the water. As the water is propelled through the mechanism at high pressure, unwanted debris and filth gets trapped in and are further removed out from the water. With such a powerful mechanism involved in filtration, these filters can effectively filter out the impurities as small as 20 microns. However, it is also essential to backwash the sand once in a while to keep your product clean.

Cartridge filters-These types of Hayward filters are equipped with paper like cartridges for filtration. These cartridges help to sieve out the impurities and unwanted particles out of the pool. The cartridge filtration process features a large filtration surface area. Therefore, there are also comparatively less chances of the sieves being clogged during filtration. Equipped with all these features, these filters can remove impurities as tiny as 10 microns. These filters can also be cleaned very easily using garden hose for a thorough cleaning.

Diatomaceous or DE filters-If you want a highest level of precision in cleaning and sanitizing your swimming pools, DE filters are the best option. These filtration mechanisms make use of a porous material (diatomaceous earth) made with crushed exoskeleton of diatoms. These microscopic nooks are effective in trapping impurities as small as 2 to 5 microns.

It is advisable that after considering all these factors, you must purchase a Hayward swimming pool filter from a reliable store that provides you genuine devices at attractive price.

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