Differentiating a Hot Tub From a Spa  

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2013 in Articles

Most of the time, people are mistaken that spas are the same things. But, in reality, there are a lot of differences between them. Whether you talk about the materials used, durability, working, maintenance and overall appearance, these two items are two different things.

Some of the differences have been explained below to elucidate how a hot tub in Appleton differs from a spa.

Construction and design - A tub is mainly made of wood and is the product of early man's effort of imitating a hot spring. tubs made of wood resemble a gigantic barrel that simply holds hot water. On the other hand, spas usually are fiberglass shells engulfed by plastic, acrylic, and any other similar materials. With the passage of time and the advent of latest technology, a tub has evolved to include water jets, advanced filtration system and also includes multiple level seating. A spa resembles a swimming pool and features similar water purification system as a pool. Same as a modern day hot tub Appleton, a spa also has multiple level seating options and air jets to enhance the experience of the users. Hot tubs give more rustic and natural look and are best designed for gardens, patios and decks.

Plumbing - For draining and refilling, a tub does not have an in-out the water line. When required, it is filled with chemically treated hose water. It has to be drained when cleaning and maintenance is required. But a spa has the same draining and filling system as a swimming pool.

Place of installation - Spas are mostly differentiated from hot tubs on the basis of their place of installation. A tub in Appleton is a stand -alone unit. It can be installed anywhere with ease, be it in the yard or back porch. A spa is generally built into the ground, just like a swimming pool. The space required to install a spa needs a lot of consideration and requires a strict reading of the place. But a hot tub does not require any stricter space requirements.

Maintenance - It has been found that cleaning hot tubs is difficult than spas. It is because tubs are generally made of wood and also include complex edges or corners. So, a user finds it difficult to clean it. On the other hand, spas resemble pools and have smooth surfaces. They can be easily cleaned.

Though it can be concluded that a hot tub is different from a spa, but both of them provide the same benefits to the users. They are unique fun centers that can be installed in homes to improve health and to spend some quality time with loved ones.

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