Discounted Price Cartridge Filter Appeals to Pool Users

by Pool Builders on 08-08-2010 in Articles

Finding the right pool filter for filtration reasons may be quite difficult a task. There are so many filters available that choosing the best among them becomes quite arduous. But it is always good to go by technology. The recent innovation has been the launch of polyester cartridge filters. The filaments of such cartridges are made of pleats of polyester material with evenly spread tiny pores. Dirt gets deposited on the pores when water percolates through the sieves.

Cartridge filters are available at discounted prices. Brands such as Hayward or Astral produce the latest series of such good filters. They ease filtration as the technology is very modern and sophisticated. The need to use cartridge type filters is being felt widely for every kind of ponds. This has escalated their demand in the pool industry. Pool users now want to get their old filters replaced with these new modern cartridge ones.

Their use has definitely simplified swimming pool maintenance. People find the new filters incredible for keeping their ponds safe from damages caused by external agents like microbes, minerals, mildews and other contaminants. The serenity of water remains undisturbed and that opens up the opportunity for people to enjoy their swimming pool experience. Ponds can now be used non-stop as the cartridge filters remain operational for 24 hours.

There is no need to worry about the cleaning of such filters, as things have been eased up with the provision of using a hose for spraying water at high pressure. The clogged cartridges normally become clean with this action. But then if dirt still sticks around then make use of muriatic acid solution and keep the clogged cartridge immersed in the solution for sometime. This will help to release dirt and the cartridge would come out clean. It can then be refitted and in the filter slot and reused for filtration purposes.

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