Discover Amazing New Above Ground Pool Liners that Can Completely Remake the Look of Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 06-27-2008 in Articles

If your above ground pool liner is starting to show its age then before you run out and replace it with another long lasting blue vinyl pool liner, you really should take a look at the new design concepts that are now available. These newly designed, amazing, decorative above ground pool liners now come in a variable cornucopia of motif choices that will leave you shocked with amazement at how fantastic they look.

Tropical Reef Fantasy Pool Liner

If your kids think that frolicking in the pool is fun now, just wait until they dive into your pool after it has had a "tropical coral reef" above ground pool liner installed in it. Every detail of a genuine tropical coral reef has been duplicated in exact multi colored detail on the surface of the extra thick, heavy duty vinyl liner.

A Rainbow of Tropical Colors!

Multitudes of various exotic fish swim in the seaweed on the sides, while star fish, rocks and coral cover the bottom, for a combined effect that is out of this world. Also, because the whole scene is embedded right in the above ground pool liner, they won't scrape off or fade.

Faux Vinyl Ceramic Tile Looks Astoundingly Real!

For a more contemporary look, there are numerous styles of designer faux ceramic tile above ground pool liners that will have your guests gawking in amazement. The most astounding thing about these vinyl tile pool liners is that they look exactly like authentic ceramic tile work, including the slightly recessed grout lines.

Have Loads More Fun!

Combined with a wrap around deck that conceals the pool sides and top edge, these new above ground pool liners make for a look that will be truly the envy of your neighborhood. Above ground pools are now coming out of the closet with a super wide variety of pool liners that making owning and using your pool just that much more fun and enjoyable.

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