Discover the Tremendous Benefits of Solar Pool Heaters  

by Pool Builders on 04-24-2013 in Articles

Solar pool heating is considered by far the cheapest and most affordable way to heat your pool. Compared to electric heating or gas heating, solar pool heaters lets you leverage the free energy that comes from the sun, transforming your cold water into warm water, which is just perfect for a pool bath or a swimming race.

Even if the weather might be amazing outside, and even if you live in Florida, sometimes it's still not warm enough. That's when you need a pool heating system. Why break your budget on an electric heat pump or a gas pool heater when you can capitalize on a solar heater that uses free energy and is safer for the environment? An increasing number of homeowners in the US are coming to realize that solar pool heaters are not just some fancy additions to their pools, they are a necessity, especially for those who want to enjoy their modern pools all year round.

Why should you purchase solar pool heating systems? The benefits speak for themselves.

- Extra Months of Pool Throughout The Year. With one of these modern systems, you can actually extend the swimming period up to three months. You will be able to swim anytime from April to November.

- Save Money on Your Electricity Bill. While it is sometimes pretty expensive even to maintain your own pool, it's simply not worth spending additional funds on running a gas or electric pool heater, especially when the sun is up there, providing unlimited free energy.

- Good for The Environment. Another tremendous benefit of solar pool heaters is that they have no greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, the environment is protected and you feel great knowing that you played an important role in saving our planet.

- Lower Installation Costs. Usually, when you install a modern gas or electric pool heater, you need to pay more money to the installer. On the other hand, with a do-it-yourself solar pool heating system kit, you won't spend extra money calling a professional installer, minimizing extra costs.

- Stay Fit. Lastly, if you are able to spend more time in your pool, you will be tempted to swim more, especially during those hot days in July when you simply can't have a sunbath without burning from the sun's rays. Swimming is amazing, because it uses all of your main muscle groups, improves your flexibility and enhance your cardiovascular system.

Take advantage today of modern solar pool heaters and get a healthier lifestyle by spending more time in your backyard pool.

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