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by Pool Builders on 06-22-2014 in Articles

A beautiful ambience is the reflection of a healthy environment nurtured with culture and artistic thought process. Thus the people who have an artistic bent of mind tend to decorate their real estates with the help of fabulous statues. These statues can be installed anywhere in the premises of the real estate. The statues are fixed depending upon its relevance to the location in which it is being installed. Generally people prefer to install animal statues because every animal is a symbol of a particular personality. Some people also install statues for good luck. Therefore this statue installation activity is one of the integral parts of Interior Designing Concepts nowadays.

Amongst all the statues for different locations in the house, garden statues are much in demand because the presence of statues in a garden directly enhances its elegance. It is like completing the beauty of the garden. Apart from gardens, people also prefer to install statues in the corridor, hall, beside swimming pool, entrance gate, drawing room and anywhere that the visitors observe most. Even the large corporates and the hotels are investing in statue installation for beautification of the interiors as well as the exteriors of the premises.

The different areas for statue installation

The statues are installed in various locations in especially the huge real estate properties. The kind of statues to be installed depends on which location it is being put. The following are the common statue allocation places for decorative attempts for the premises.

Garden: Gardens are the favourite place for the art lovers to execute beautification exercises. Cow statues are very much in demand for installation in gardens because its gives a feel of the beauty of free nature.

Lawn: People enjoy having tea or simple family conversations sitting on the lawn. Thus the ambience should be really enchanting for creating a mental relaxation. Statues of birds, human figures and many other different kinds can be installed in the lawn for enhancing its show.

Corridor: Large corridors have always been the ideal place for exhibiting statues. Statues of horse and tigers are most common in such locations. Cow statues can also be installed at the entrance to the home, giving a unique look.

Swimming pool: Swimming pools can be really transformed into a party zone by decorating its area with fabulous statues. In this case the statues are often customized as fountains to get a greater glamour.

Large Spaces: Large conference halls are also ornamented with statues to create a gravity of the ambience. The presence of such statues really enhances the aesthetics remarkably.

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