Disney Can Be Done On A Budget  

by Pool Builders on 12-11-2010 in Articles

Taking a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida is something that many families consider a once in a lifetime event. Many dream of taking their children to meet Mickey Mouse in person, to have their pictures taken in front of Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom Resort, and to sit and watch their children's expressions as they wave to all of the loveable Disney characters as the parade passes by.
Some feel that this experience is out of their reach because of financial concerns. So, can Disney be done on a budget? The answer is yes. While it can be easy to over spend on any vacation, with careful planning and by following some helpful tips, a trip to Walt Disney World can be affordable for most families.
Here we'll examine one area that can help families to spend less on a trip to Disney - accommodations. In order to find the most affordable accommodation for a trip to Disney you may want to consider staying outside of the Walt Disney World Resort. There are a multitude of hotels available with extremely competitive rates. Most hotels provide maid service, swimming pools and lounge areas. Some offer a daily breakfast buffet at no additional cost.
Another option that you might enjoy would be a private vacation home or condominium. These properties often have 4 or more bedrooms and can accommodate even large families. Private vacation homes offer fully equipped kitchens, which means that meals can be prepared at home, and that equates to significant savings for the budget conscious traveller. In addition, some vacation homes offer private swimming pools, DVDs, books and board games. Others also include game rooms and personal computers with internet access. With all of these included amenities, these home-away-from-home accommodations and are often so enjoyable that families delight in spending at least a few days of their vacation relaxing at home by the pool, spending quality time together in the game room or playing board games together at the table. This proves to be a great way to save money for the days that you do spend at the Disney parks.
As you can see, choosing the right accommodations for your family is the first step in planning an affordable trip to Disney. With some further research and some careful planning you'll find that Disney can indeed be done on a budget.

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