Dive N Rise Torpedo Sharks and Dolphins Are Kid Powered.  

by Pool Builders on 08-05-2011 in Articles

Once you have gotten the kids set up with their fun stuff, how about some great accessories to make life easy for you? Use your vacation week and the money you would have spent driving or flying to your vacation spot to create a fun backyard space for the whole family and save money along the way. The Glow in the Dark Shark is great for day or night play. An awesome must-have backyard accessory is the 5 Piece Table Set that you place in your pool. Have you thought about summer vacation and what you are going to do with the kids? Crafted in adorable animal shapes, these towel clips hold the towel on the back of the chair so you won't have to chase your towels anymore. Pool floats are great for the adults too. There are several inexpensive swimming pools on the market today many under $300 that are easy to assemble quickly in your backyard. Tired of picking up towels? Use Boca Clips to keep those towels on the chairs. You really don't have to spend several thousand dollars to enjoy a fun, family vacation. There are several pool floats available today that will hold 2 adults along with their drinks. Snow tubes are manufactured of durable vinyl inflatable swimming pools with hand grips guaranteeing a great time summer or winter. Some pool toys are battery operated and others are kid powered. When I was a kid living in Ohio, it didn't matter that the water was only 60 degrees we above ground pool ladders just wanted to swim! Windy day? Simply place this adjustable towel holder near your back door and your kids will automatically hang up their towels as they're heading in. This allows you to create your own swim-up bar just like those expensive all-inclusive resorts. Super Subbies available in animal shapes such as Squiddy and Manty or as Magical Mermaids use 2 AA batteries for hours of fun. That's the same way it will be for your kids also. Imagine the cost of gas to just drive to a fairly close vacation spot. New for 2008 is Scoobarang which is the world's only underwater boomerang. All of these pool toys retail less than $10 which is very important to guarantee fun while not breaking the bank. Crazy isn't it? The best part? This pool toy is made of soft vinyl for safety and boomerangs back to the thrower. Adding some fun swimming pool toys and floats will make your backyard oasis feel even more like a vacation. These little guys have random motion technology so you never know where they'll go next. Once you decide where to put your swimming pool, it's time to fill it up.

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