Diving Lessons in Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 12-26-2013 in Articles

It is indeed exciting to watch the Olympic divers jumping off the spring boards, making two or three somersaults and many twists, before finally entering water perpendicularly, without making any splash. Everyone needs to make a beginning, and that includes Olympic divers too. The primary steps should focus on perfecting the jumps into the pool. It is essential to learn perfecting your jumps as this helps learning the correct way of jumping, and also various body positions needed for diving. It also helps you to have the necessary control on your body as you move forward to learning other diving skills. You may start out small, by diving from a board of one meter. It is better if you start with jumping off the poolside before moving to a diving board. In either case, it is of paramount importance that the learner keeps the hands straight down on his sides, as it's the prescribed norm for all diving competitions.

Forward Jumps

The first lesson while learning to dive is to achieve perfection in forward jumps. Your feet need to be together while standing, with the toes on the rim of the springboard or poolside, but not above the rim. Whatever the type of jump, your toes should always be pointing out. Here is how to make different types of forward jumps.

(a) Straight jump forwards

Begin by keeping your hands downward on each side. While you jump, take your arms in your front till they are over your head. The arms should remain straight while doing this. The arms should remain on sides and not back down to your front. Strive to keep straight so that you enter water in an upright position.

(b) Tuck jump forwards

Begin by keeping your hands downwards on each side. While you jump, take your arms in your front till they are over your head. The arms should remain straight while doing this. Next, raise your legs up to your front, allowing your knees to press against the stomach, and lay your hands on your shins. After you achieve the tuck shape, thrust your legs down to enter the water keeping your position straight and hands on your sides.

Backward Jumps

Having perfected your forward jumps, it is time to learn and perfect your backward jumps. These are quite similar to forward jumps, except that in this case you stand on your toes, at the rim of your springboard or edge of poolside, keeping your heels raised over your toes above water. While jumping, ensure that you jump slightly backwards, lest you should hit the springboard. Always ensure that your toes point out and your arms remain by your side while entering the water.

After you have learned to make perfect forward and backward jumps, one can go ahead to learn diving.

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