Do Homes in Planned Communities Have Better Resale Value?  

by Pool Builders on 09-16-2012 in Articles

There are many things to consider when looking for a home. What area should you live in? Can you afford the price range of homes in the area you're interested in? Are there things to do nearby or do you have to drive in order to get a sense of recreation? The answers to these questions will determine the type of living experience you will have once you begin living in this house, and more importantly, they will affect the resale value and level of interest your home is able to attract when you are ready to sell. If you're interested in purchasing a home that's going to have great resale value, look into purchasing a home in a planned community. The best master planned communities feature homes with numerous nearby amenities that serve as a value-add to your future buyer and to your return on investment.

The reason why houses in master planned communities have higher resale values than standard homes is in the name: these homes are surrounded by a sense of community that's stronger than most neighborhoods because these homes are centered on attractions that everyone can enjoy. Community organizers often set up planned activities such as summer camps or a neighborhood swim team that kids in the neighborhood can take part in; it's equivalent to having a neighborhood YMCA right outside of your door. Other leisurely features, such as community swimming pools, allow residents to get to know their neighbors and establish a sense of camaraderie. It helps ease the adjustment to a new area and the centralized locations help to bring everyone together.

Buyers will also appreciate the resort-style feature often seen in master planned communities. Additionally, with premium materials often used in all of the homes, buyers of houses in planned communities can be assured that their home will appeal to future buyers as these touches cater to a wider segment of the market than would lower grade choices. This coupled with beautiful scenery outdoors - including beautiful parks, walking trails and golf courses- further enhance the value of these homes and increase the resale value.

All of the features mentioned work together to create the one thing that really increases the value of a home in some of the best master planned communities: a sense of belonging. With options for children and adults alike, residents are able to have their key interests satiated with amenities just a few feet from their doorstep. They get to know the neighbors next door as they converse regularly and take part in community activities. Their kids make friends with other kids at the swimming pool or basketball court. And everyone comes out of their shells and begins to share their lives together while experiencing all that a planned community has to offer. Homes in planned communities have a higher resale value because residents can thoroughly enjoy themselves and have a great living experience in their very own neighborhood. Not all neighborhoods have that luxury, so when a buyer sees a property that's great on the inside and has so much to offer on the outside, they jump at the chance sign a deal.

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