Do I Really Need a Pool Cover Pump?

by Pool Builders on 11-24-2011 in Articles

I recently joined the pool owner "community" and I am quickly learning the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with owning a pool. All the ins and outs of maintaining a pool is quite a lot to learn. After my first summer of my kids practically living in the pool, I went out to a local store to buy a pool cover for my pool to prevent all the leaves from getting in the pool when they finally fall. When I was the store, right next to the pool covers was an item called Pumps for Pools. I had no idea what that was and completely ignored it.

After returning home, through a quite a bit of effort I was finally able to cover the pool - the right way. My neighbors remind me of the next door neighbor character in Tim Allen's Home Improvement Show - Wilson. The guy is older and much wiser than I am. I mention him because he and his wife were on their patio drinking ice tea watch me struggle throughout the entire process with the "I've been there before" expression painted on their faces. He had put on his pool cover only a week before and it only took him five minutes to cover his pool. When I finished covering the pool I went over to talk with them feeling very proud of myself and said, "I'm done."

He replied, "No you aren't."

I was confused. I had covered the pool, what else did I need to do?

So I asked, "What else do I need to do?"

Being a man of many words, he said, "Pool Cover Pump."

That sounded good to me and my neighbor is just like Wilson and is much better at home improvement than I ever will be. Yet being a new pool owner, I had no idea what this pump did and why I needed one. So I asked.

"Neighbor, what is a pool cover pump and what does it do?"

He looked at me like I couldn't understand simple English.

In his gruff voice, he very slowly explained this to me. "After you put your pool cover on your pool, nature happens. It rains, it snows and melts. You don't want this water staying on top of your pool cover or you'll damage the pool cover, the pool and I don't want mosquitoes to move in next door. Just get one. You don't need the fancy ones because they don't work any better than the regular ones." He abruptly ended our conversation and made his way back to his patio now that he was able to explain the very simple to me.

I didn't feel like going back to the store. So instead I went inside and started to Google this pump my neighbor wants me to get. What kind was my neighbor recommending? A regular one, right? Ok. There are quite a few of them out there to choose from so I needed a way to narrow down the list of what pumps to get out of the "regular" kind. So I typed in Pool Cover Pump. I didn't want anything fancy, something with good reviews, something not too expensive,

After ten minutes of looking, I came across two pumps that seemed to fit what I was looking for. One is called the "Rule Pool Cover Pump". The other is called the "Little Giant Swimming Pool Cover Pump". I didn't have my neighbor standing over my shoulder so I had to choose on my own. Since the Rule Pool Pump had more positive reviews I didn't mind spending a little more to get it.

Then I searched the internet for all the online merchants that sold the Rule brand of Pool Pumps. I narrowed this list down to four companies based on price and having a good reputation. They are Amazon, Sears, and It turned out that had the lowest online price for the Rule Pool Pump (don't ask me to say that quickly), so I ended up going with them. After I placed the order, I went back outside to see what kind of pool pump my neighbor used. I had to peek through the fence to be able to see it. Turned out he had the Rule Pool Cover Pump. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me.

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