Do You Have Adequate Swimming Pool Supplies?

by Pool Builders on 06-23-2010 in Articles

The luxury of having a private pool in your back yard is something many homeowners dream about. The number one reason people do not indulge in the luxury is the prospect of the maintenance and expense required to keep a backyard swimming pool clean and safe for their family's daily use. In reality, keeping your swimming pool beautiful and well maintained is easy if you invest in the right types of supplies from the beginning. Below is a list of must have supplies to purchase with your new pool.

1. Pump and filter- Pool pumps are the single most important piece of supply equipment you can purchase for your pool. Even with the above ground quick set pools available at your local department stores you want to purchase the best filter and pump that you can afford. Swimming pool pumps are electronic devices that circulate and filtrate the water in your pool. Without adequate filtration and circulation, your swimming pool will quickly become dirty and algae growth will begin.

2. Pool Water Chemicals- The chemicals needed to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean and free from harmful bacteria go hand in hand with the filtration system. These chemicals include chlorine, bromine, shock, water clarifier, PH adjusters, alkalinity adjusters, and algaecides. The best way to know what type and what amounts of chemicals your pool requires is to take a water sample to your local pool supply company. Many of these companies offer free water testing and will give you step by step instructions on what amounts of which chemicals your particular water supply needs to maintain a healthy swimming environment. If there is not a swimming pool supply company in your area, test strips to do water sample tests as well as start up kits are available at many retailers as well as online.

3. Pool cover- One of the best ways to minimize the amount of work you will have to do to keep your pool clean and free of debris is to invest in a quality swimming pool cover. Many types of pool covers are available to fit your needs. Solar covers are a very popular choice because they harvest the warmth from the sun and keep your pool water from being uncomfortably cold for swimming. Solar covers can help extend your swimming season by keeping the water a comfortable temperature past the hottest days of summer.

4. Cleaning supplies- Automatic pool cleaners are a very nice addition to your supply list. These robotic devices move around the bottom of your pool and act as a vacuum, removing debris as it accumulates. You can also opt for a manual vacuum that attaches to your filtration system and much like vacuuming your carpet, you simply run it over the bottom of the pool daily to remove leaves and other debris that sinks to the bottom of the pool. A pool skimmer net is also helpful for removing floating debris and insects that find their way into your swimming pool.

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