Do You Have Ghosts In Your Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 08-08-2007 in Articles

Do you have a swimming pool that has ever gone green?

Maybe its green all the time and you have thrown everything at it including the kitchen sink. But it still goes green. I know how frustrating this can be! You might even get that angry about it that you might want to get rid of your pool altogether. But Wait! Chances may have a ghost in your pool.

Now...I'm not talking about a real ghost. I'm talking about something that is in your water that is turning it green. But you cant see it!

The ghost I talk about is called Phosphates!

You cannot see Phosphates, but they can do more harm than good. You see, Phosphates is like steroids for Algae. Algae feeds off this stuff and grows at a phenomenal rate. Just when you thought you had your pool right...It goes green again. Chlorine just wont work!

So how do Phosphates get into you pool? Thats' easy!

Phosphates get into your pool from dust, rain, run-off from your garden. Phosphates is one of the main ingredient found in fertilizers. And because algae in your swimming pool is a plant. You put the two together and BAM! Unstoppable Algae!

The only way to tell that you have phosphates in your water is to test for Phosphates in particular. Now I'm not talking about a normal pool test. Phosphates just wont show-up in a regular pool test.

So, if your pool is constantly going green and your pool is eating chlorine like there is no tomorrow, it is very likely that you have phosphates in your pool water.

Get yourself down to your pool store and get your water checked.

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