Do You Have Trouble Relaxing While Swimming? You Need to Learn to Relax

by Pool Builders on 04-04-2010 in Articles

What are some things a swimmer can do to improve their efficiency when swimming? There are technique issues you need to be conscious of so you can propel yourself through the water with less difficulty. It would be useless trying to swim like you are towing a barge behind you, you will tire yourself out and will never complete a race in a top position.

First thing is you need to learn to relax when you swim. When you swim while your body is tense it will make your technique jerky looking, you will not have a smooth stroke. You will use too much energy while swimming tense and may find yourself trying harder to go faster.

If you are at a swim meet, you may become nervous anticipating your competition. This in itself will cause you to tense up when you swim and create] a sorry technique. Learning to loosen up during your practice can help you defeat this problem.

When in the pool lay back on your back to float and tense up all of your muscles. You may find it harder to float like this. Now, try floating with all your muscles relaxed and you will find it easier to float.

When you are swimming, you need to be relaxed so your body will be at the surface of the water and your technique will be more fluid and efficient. You will find you will not get exhausted so soon and may feel more comfortable.

If you find it difficult for you to relax, just try swimming some laps over exaggerating how relaxed you are. This may help you get over your tenseness and help you learn to relax when swimming normally. You need to try to find whatever you can to make you swim relaxed.

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