Do You Have a Safe Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 07-12-2007 in Articles

So you have followed all the new rules and regulations regarding the Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007. You have installed isolation fences around your pool, multiple drains with anti-entrapment drain covers and safety vacuum release systems.

Think twice before you declare your pool to be safe for your kids.

We agree that these safety measures are necessary if you have kids at home, or if you often have little visitors at your home. But these measures are never a complete replacement for adult supervision. Good parents can never allow their kids to jump into their pool without their supervision, even if the kid is a good swimmer.

Experts always recommend installing an automatic alarm system in the pool arena so that everyone can be easily informed whenever there is a situation. One should always use rope and float lines so that the swimmer in danger can hold the rope in order to come back to shallow water and grab a foothold.

If you have a big pool, you can consider using life rings and shepherd's hooks. However, make sure that the equipment is placed in a location that is easily accessible and open to all.

Often you will find safety kits and first aid boxes in a corner of your neighbor's swimming pool. But whenever you need some sort of first aid treatment, you will discover that the medicines have passed their respective expiration dates. One must take proper care to update the stock regularly; otherwise, there is no reason for keeping them.

You will often come across people who do not pay proper attention to minute details, such as the chemicals they are using or the Ph level in their pool, unless their nose and ears are burning or itching. Use some good water calculators to know the actual situation, and don't just depend on your senses. Talk to experts for suggestions on the quality and quantity of chemicals to be used in your pool.

There are so many other issues that need your attention when it comes to safety. Consult your local experts if you are not sure about the actual conditions or do not know what needs to be done.

A lot of pool owners are too impatient to wait a little longer for their pool to come to normal conditions. You must remember that things always move slowly when it comes to a pool.

A beautiful swimming pool is good as long as it is safe for users of all ages in every aspect. So take proper care and lead a healthy life.

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