Do You Hire a Swimming Pool Service or Do It Yourself?  

by Pool Builders on 11-04-2013 in Articles

What is your time worth? Eventually, that's what it comes down to. Maintaining your swimming pool is not rocket science. But it does involve time, and learning some simple chemistry. Here's a brief primer about what's involved.

The Responsibilities of the Do It Yourselfer (DIY)

Pool Cleaning: Most residential swimming pools take between 30 minutes to an hour each week for a full cleaning. This includes vacuuming the floor of the pool. Multiply this weekly time by four weeks and this requires between two and four hours a month. And that's just the pool, what about the leaves? Figure a half hour a month for each tree that is in your backyard for skimming them off the water

Water Balance and Chemicals: Maintaining proper water balance helps the chemicals work effectively. It also helps prolong the life of the swimming pool equipment and the pools' plaster surfaces. Improperly balanced pool water contributes to easily avoidable pool problems throughout the years.

There are several DIY home chemical test kits on the market. However, these test strips can sometimes give inaccurate readings and the drops of turbidity based kits can lose their accuracy over time, especially if the bottle is not properly stored.

DIY-ers are smart to take their water to a local swimming pool retailer to be tested regularly when purchasing pool chemicals if they want help in resolving a water balance issue. Each of these trips takes time. More time is also needed to add the additional chemicals and re-check the water. And don't forget the time it takes to unload and store those big bags of chemicals!! It also takes time to backwash the filter and recharge it. So, the time really stacks up!

Total DIY Time Investment: Depending on the degree of your involvement, each month, the above tasks would take from four to five hours, if all is well and you have no trees, but would take 12 or more if you have water problems or if your pool is surrounded by a small forest.

Benefits of a Pool Service Company

Save Money on Repairs and Remodeling Costs: Conversely, a professional pool service stocks and uses all necessary testing equipment and chemicals to keep the proper chemical balance. Most even have a "chemical balance guarantee." Pool maintenance is easier and fewer visits are necessary when the right pool service company is properly monitoring the chemical balance.

No Hassles or Risks from Storing Chemicals: Swimming pool chemicals must be stored in a weatherproof location. They can usually rust over time (especially chlorine) which can damage other equipment or other items stored next to them. There are also safety issues to consider. Calcium Hypochlorite based shock (the most common in use today) is highly flammable; especially if inadvertently mixed with Tri-Chlor or other organic compounds

A swimming pool service company eliminates the need to store anything at your home and can relieve you of the responsibilities of maintaining your pool so the only "pool time" you'll have is enjoying it

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