Do You Understand the ADA Compliant Handicap Pool Lifts?  

by Pool Builders on 02-12-2012 in Articles

The new regulations were signed on 15 September, 2010 for ADA compliance. It was expected these changes must be done by this year 2012, 15 March. The new laws demand all pools to feature assisted entry offering handicap pool lifts. The ADA rules specify that the swimming pools over 300 linear feet needs to have two assisted entry, a sloped entry or an ADA compliant lift as primary means and the secondary being the transfer wall or systems or stairs. However, there is only one assisted entry system for pools lesser than 300 linear feet.

The ADA rules states that compliant pool lifts implies it should be featured such that it can be remotely operated by disabled people from the water level or from the deck to reach to the location required. aXs ADA Pool Lift from S.R.Smith is one of the best options for hotels and residences as it offers easy access for therapy and low impact exercises. This is powered by a rechargeable 24V battery and is semi-portable. The aXs is fitted in a stainless steel socket featuring rotation of 360 degree facilitating easy and safe transfers. This pool lift comes with a charger, a battery, waterproof control, battery console cover, seat belt and foot rest.

The aXs ADA Pool Lift from SR Smith is appropriate for residences and low profile hotels as it can blend to any d©cor of the backyard. Its features include semi-portable, powder coated finish that ensures durability and user operable in association with a waterproof controller. The weight capacity is 300 lbs. With the rule of the U.S. swimming pools it is expected to be equipped with assisted entry systems. The American Disability Association is compliant with law and allows disabled Americans to enjoy the leisure of public pools.

Public pools are expected to be ADA compliant indicates it should be facilitated to be used by handicap people as well and this should be equipped with handicap pool lifts. Moreover, should be open to the public at all times. Adding to this as per the rules compliant any pool above 300 feet need to have two assisted entry, sloped or lift as primary and the transfer system or stairs as the secondary. The less than 300 feet pools are featured with one assisted entry, a sloped or lift entry. In fact, even wave or wading pools, spas and leisure rivers will be facilitated with a sloped entry, a lift or a transfer system, based on their pool size.

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