Do it Yourself Pool Solar Heaters Plan

by Pool Builders on 01-20-2009 in Articles

Are you ready to build your own pool solar heater and extend your swim season? Do you want to get your heater and save money doing so? You can do this and more because the pool solar heaters that you can build are also very environmentally safe because they do not waste energy.

Saving you a nice chunk of cash and being friendly to mother nature are a couple of things that will allow you to be very proud of your solar heater. This will not be difficult to put together and if done right it can work better than a manufactured heater. Here is your plan to build your heater.

First, there are some things you will need to purchase. Get yourself between 100 and 150 feet of black tubing that is about one half inch in diameter. Also, get some pvc piping, around 15 feet that will fit nice and tight into the end of the black tubing. You will also want to pick up a shut off valve to put on the pvc pipe.

You need to get a pump as well. This will be how you get the water from the pool into the tubing and back into the pool at a higher temperature. You want a pump that is strong enough to move the water out of the pool and through the tubing, but nice and slow. This will allow it to heat up more.

Next, get 4 two by fours that are about 6 feet in length. These will be used to coil the black tubing back and forth between them. You will also need some metal brackets to mount the two by fours wherever you choose to put them. Make sure no to kink the tubing while putting it together.

This is where the water will get to get very hot so you want to mount this part of the heater in direct sunlight. You can put it on a rooftop, a shed, garage, or anywhere else that it will be able to get really hot. Then, when you pump the water through slowly the sun will heat the tubes and the water to help raise your pool temperature.

The last step is to put the pvc pipe on each end of the black tubing. This is where the water will return and be sucked out of the pool. Put the shut off valve on the return side and mount the pump on the side that will suck the water out.

When the water leaves the pool and is sent up through the black tubing nice and slow it will be heated to a nice hot temperature. Then, it will return to the pool and help you get the desired temperature you want for your pool day. This will also increase your swimming season and all with pool solar heaters.

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