Does Adding A Swimming Pool Add Value to Your Home?  

by Pool Builders on 11-30-2009 in Articles

Many people who are considering installing a pool wonder if adding it will help or hurt the value of their home. The answer to this question is complex. Many people think that a swimming pool is a luxurious feature and will enjoy having it. However some buyers may not want to use the pool and look at it only as an added expense that they will have to maintain.

One thing to consider when thinking about adding the pool is your location. In states with a hot climate pools are a necessity and most good homes will have one. In colder regions pools aren't as common and may not be looked at favorably. In these areas pool maintenance is more complex because you're dealing with winterizing your pool each season.

An in ground pool may be more of a problem than in above ground pool since it's much easier to remove an above ground pool if it isn't wanted. However if a potential buyer wants a pool an in ground pool is a much preferred option. There is no set rule as to whether a pool may increase the value of your home or not.

The area where you live will have some bearing on whether a pool will add value. Homes in upscale subdivisions are expected to offer many extra amenities including a pool. However if your home is in a middle class neighborhood where there are few pools adding one may actually deter from the value of your home.

Another factor that will play heavily in the question of whether a pool is an added value to your home is how the pool looks. A beautiful pool with a deck and nice landscaping can add instant value to your home. On the other hand a poorly installed or maintained pool can deter from the sale. A poorly sized and positioned pool can also be a deterrent particularly if it takes up the entire yard leaving no room for other activities.

Whether a buyer wants a swimming pool or doesn't want one is ultimately a personal preference. A well-designed and installed pool may make buyers want a pool even if they hadn't thought about it before. According to some realtors only about 10% of buyers actually request homes with pools.

When considering installing a pool the main thing to think about is your own value and use of the pool. If you plan to stay in your home for more than 5 more years you're likely to get enough use out of the pool to make up for any installation costs. If you and your family want a pool then by all means get one. Don't deprive yourselves of the pleasure of the pool simply because you're concerned about selling your home at some date in the future.

A well made, properly installed and maintained pool can add value to your home. If you're considering a permanent in-ground pool get a landscape designer to assist in providing the best size, shape and location for your pool. Make sure that your pool is properly fenced and gated so that small children can't get into it unattended. If you want to get a pool have it professionally installed to make sure that it's safe and that it looks good.

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