Does Swimming Build Muscle?  

by Pool Builders on 04-04-2013 in Articles

Many people ask questions about working out and swimming. One of the many questions that crops up again and again is "Does swimming build muscle?" Read this article and you will find the answer. I may be able to offer you the answers that you have been looking for. You will want to learn as much as you can about keeping fit and doing the best workouts.

Does Swimming Build Muscle?

The answer to that question is simple, no it doesn't. If you want to build up your muscles then you might not achieve it by swimming. If people could make themselves more muscly by swimming then it may be a much more popular activity. Swimming is more of a recreational activity than anything. However, it is an activity that could help you to build your muscles. Swimming tests your powers of endurance and it is a great cardio exercise. Many people feel that swimming is therapeutic and that it can help you to strengthen a weak body. Weight lifting will help you to build muscles but swimming is not as effective.

Have you any evidence?

Look at every swimmer and you will find all of the evidence you need. Have you ever seen a muscular swimmer in the Olympics? These swimmers might look a little bit muscly but they certainly don't look like bodybuilders. But I bet that the majority of these swimmers incorporate weight lifting into their fitness routines. Good swimmers spend hours in the pool, if swimming made them muscly then they would all look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Does swimming burn fat?

Swimming is good because it can help people to lose weight. Swimming is a great cardiovascular activity. If you need to lose some weight then try swimming. A simple swim or a few laps up and down the pool will help you to shed those excess pounds. Does swimming build muscle? No, but it can help you to lose a few pounds.

My suggestions for building muscle

Well, if swimming doesn't make you muscly what does? The answer to this is easy; weightlifting will help you to build muscle. Check out the visual impact system if you would like to learn how to build up your muscles.

Look at the Visual impact program and you will learn the philosophy of muscle building, the diets and the workouts. I am a fan of Visual Impact online because this program really shows you how to build muscles. I have looked at many fitness products but this is the best. Does swimming build muscle? Maybe not but the Visual Impact programme could change your life forever.

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