Does Swimming Really Help Burn Belly Fat?

by Pool Builders on 12-27-2012 in Articles

Splashing around in the water is always a refreshing experience, but in these days of health consciousness, it makes sense to use the swimming pool as a means of keeping fit. A question that usually crops up is whether swimming is an effective alternative for ground exercises like running to burn belly fat. Let us explore the various pros and cons surrounding this pertinent question.

  • Scientific studies have proved buoyancy in water hinders release of carbon dioxide as intensity of exercise increases. In other words, though swimming is a good regular exercise, especially to strength breathing capacity and stamina, it does not provide the ideal platform to lose belly weight. There is a definite reason for this.
  • The cold season increases appetite. If you eat more, tendency to put on weight increases. Under normal circumstances, it may seem logical to do so, but cardiovascular exercise on land allows more flexibility to lose weight across concentrated muscle groups. Swimming is great to exercise all major muscle groups, which is why overweight candidates prefer to begin a weight loss program with swimming.
Most professional swimmers are lean and have a perfect body with some focus on wing span to allow more arm strength. It is more a preferential sport where people willfully take to the water and can spend considerable amounts of time in it toning muscle. The purpose, however, must be to lose weight around the abdomen.
Swimming has minimum effect on weight loss compared to most exercises on land. It does not mean swimming isn't an effective fat burner. A major advantage is the capability to swim even at 80 years of age. Results may be a bit delayed, but water exercises induce less strain on joints, which is a major plus for older people starting off on a weight-loss program for the very first time. It requires less flexibility over a particular muscle group.
In terms of measurement, if you perform a backstroke or breaststroke in the water, it boils down to burning the same quantity of calories you would while jogging or cycling. Focus must therefore always be on eating less than what is burned off during a swimming session for effective results.
Swimming comes naturally to some people. Connecting various swimming styles to a weight-loss regimen becomes easier for such people. However, effects are more evident in people who are learning to swim for the first time. Effort put in to learn the sport helps burn more fat and easily at that. A beginner is enthusiastic and is willing to expend more energy while learning how to swim. The natural tendency helps overcome fatigue and builds more stamina.
The only precaution to be taken is to have sufficient control over food intake. Feeling good about oneself becomes easier with a flat belly. It should motivate people to maintain a healthy diet plan.
It is important you enjoy swimming. If you do, continuing with the sport becomes easier. Consistency is needed, and loving the exercise regimen prolongs urge to burn belly fat and ascertains fat loss is more permanent, as swimming becomes part of daily schedule.

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