Does Your Above Ground Pool Need a Virginia Deck?  

by Pool Builders on 05-21-2013 in Articles

Installing an above ground pool is an affordable option for Virginia residents looking for at-home recreation and fitness. But you'll also need to budget for a Virginia deck in order to have safe and easy access to your new pool. What kind of design considerations come along with an above ground pool, and how should homeowners approach this project?

DIY pool decks are a bad idea

Design Elements Required for Pool Decks

There are several factors to consider when designing a pool deck. Support remains the most important element, with stable deck piers, safe railings and properly built stairs included in your design. Consult the local building code regarding pier size, spacing and posts on the railing and stair design.

Design your above ground pool deck for optimum access to the water. Coping surrounds the pool, and a narrow walkway should do the same to allow for seating around and climbing in and out of the pool. A larger gathering area should be included on one end of the pool, but try to incorporate a wraparound design wherever possible.

Shade is another important factor to consider. You want to enjoy the water and heat, but also require a comfortable, shady spot to sit. Incorporate shade in the gathering area, perhaps using a pergola, awning or gazebo. Sun sails and portable canopies can be put up temporarily or used on a seasonal basis for a Virginia deck that cannot accommodate permanent shade features.

Add privacy to your deck as well, with screens and plantings. Not only will they block the neighbor's view, but they'll also help to block wind and provide a spot to hang pool cleaning equipment.

Well designed above ground pool decks need to act as transitions between the house and pool, or the pool and yard. This can be done with attractive shapes, furniture placement and multiple levels that efficiently direct traffic between each area.

Ensure your design lays out a visual and physical path between property locations. Use angled corners, arches and waves in the deck boards and edges to draw the eye. Privacy screens and railings can also be used to direct flow.

Consider adding outdoor lighting (solar or low voltage) to allow for extended hours of enjoyment. This also creates a welcome transition, especially when installed in the stairs or railing posts.

Connect your above ground pool deck with another deck or patio to create a seamless landscape. Stairs, planter boxes and benches can help the transition, as well as adding extra seating.

Plant gardens around the base of your above ground pool deck, and carry those flower beds through the balance of your yard. This creates an intentional pattern that ties your exterior living space together. Gardens can also be used to soften edges. Think about installing skirting on your above ground pool deck, which closes off the area underneath, keeps pests away and provides support for garden soil.

If you're planning to install an above ground pool, carefully consider the design of your Virginia deck. Think about structural support, transitions and other important elements to be sure you make the most of your new swimming pool.

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