Does Your Child Do a Great Impression of a Floundering Sea Lion in the Pool? How To Choose the Right Swimming Lessons for Your Child  

by Pool Builders on 06-04-2013 in Articles

All children should learn to swim, preferably before they fall into the local stream one hot summer's afternoon. A lot of parents are perfectly happy to teach their child to swim by a process of regular sessions in the local pool coupled with plenty of encouragement. But if your own swimming skills are a bit suspect or you would rather delegate the responsibility to a qualified swimming instructor, find out how to choose the best child swimming lessons for your precious offspring.

Can Your Child Swim a Little Bit?

Some kids pick up the basics of swimming simply by spending lots of time in the pool with family and friends, so by the time they start proper swimming lesions, they can manage a rudimentary doggy paddle. By contrast, other kids have barely set foot in a pool by the age of 4 and are terrified of the water. So before booking any swimming lessons, decide how competent your child is and be sure to book a course of lessons at a standard appropriate for their abilities.

How Many Kids per Instructor?

Popular swimming classes are often massively over-subscribed with long waiting lists. This can result in larger classes where the quieter kids don't get the attention they need. Before booking a course of lessons, make sure the teacher-pupil ratio is age appropriate. Basically, the younger the child, the more attention they are likely to need.

Is the Instructor Good with Kids?

Not all swimming instructors are good at dealing with children. Some make their point by shouting a lot whereas others cannot control a class of unruly 4 year olds and the well-behaved kids end up ignored and forgotten. Unless you are familiar with the instructor and how he/she teaches, check out their teaching style prior to making a booking. If you are not happy with the way they teach, find someone else. There is little point spending good money on swimming lessons if your child is never going to learn anything.

Is My Child Progressing in the Lessons?

Sometimes you have to take what you can get and if you only have one pool offering swimming lessons within easy travelling distance, you may just have to take a gamble and book your child in anyway. However, if you feel that after a significant amount of time your child isn't making any progress, or he seems to spend more time messing about in the water than actually learning, consider cancelling the remaining lessons and checking out swimming tuition at a different venue.

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