Does Your Swimming Pool Need a Diving Board?

by Pool Builders on 04-04-2011 in Articles

Once summer hits with full force, you know you will spend many of your free days out in the backyard, either lounging by the pool or floating peacefully on the water. Add kids and friends into the equation, and you have the makings for many months of fun. As a pool owner, you no doubt take pride in your yard's appearance and do everything you can to keep the water fresh and clean. Enhancements for your pool come as you are more comfortable having it, and you might wonder - if you do not already have one - if you need a diving board.

Concerned parents may resist installing a board, given the risks of diving headfirst into a domestic pool. Even with the deep end set about six feet, depending on the trajectory of the dive one is still at risk for head injury. Rather than offer the temptation to children, some pool owners are likely to leave off a board altogether. If you do not have children, however, or have taken the time to explain pool safety to your guests and family, you may feel more comfortable with a diving board. It is certainly not a requirement for enjoying yourself.

On option you have, if you are interested in a safe jumping point for your pool, is a "fusion board." This apparatus installs like a diving board on the edge of your pool, but can swivel so the long end lines up against the edge. This is good if you want to ease into the pool at the deeper end rather than plunge.

When you shop around the Internet or your local pool supplies store for diving options, you'll find diving technology has advanced - you may not see as many long, awkward spring boards anymore. Newer diving boards come in ergonomic shapes, some with rounded edges and others with non-slip tread so there are no accidents. White is not the only color available, either, for boards these days are created to blend with your pool environment. You may find darker, textured boards to match your pool liner or tiling. A typical board may be priced around fifteen hundred dollars, depending on what you buy.

Lastly, there is the question of whether or not you should install the board yourself. If you consider yourself handy around the home you may wish to handle the project on your own. Bear in mind, however, that a diving board is meant to support a person's weight. If set up incorrectly, the board could collapse or break and cause injury. Consider this very carefully.

A diving board should enhance your pool experience. Make the decision and weigh all options so you can enjoy your summer.

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