Does the Headline on Your Door Hanger Pass the Glance Test?   

by Pool Builders on 01-06-2010 in Articles

The person who removes your door hanger from their door will glance at it for just a few seconds before deciding to keep it or discard it. So make sure your door hanger passes "The Glance Test". One method used successfully on many door hangers to pass "The Glance Test" is a powerful, comical or interesting headline.

Here are a few examples of Headlines we have seen recently:

* RENT MY HUSBAND! Used by a neighborhood handyman
* LET YOUR NEIGHBOR CLEAN YOUR HOUSE! Used by a cleaning service who was soliciting business in their own neighborhood
* FREE LAWN CARE SERVICE! Pay for 2 cuts at our regular low price and get the 3rd FREE. This offer amounts to a 33% discount - but the word "FREE" is very powerful
* LOSE WEIGHT...RESULTS GUARANTEED! Used by a personal trainer. If you follow his exercise and diet plan.
* NEVER PAINT YOUR HOUSE AGAIN! Painter offers a new process guaranteed to last 50 years or more.

When writing a headline, start off with a sentence or two that describes the product or service you are promoting. Here's a recent example of a headline we recently wrote for a swimming pool remodeling company.

Initial Description: Refinish your in-ground swimming pool with a fiber glass liner instead of cement. Save over 25% when compared to other refinishing methods. Our liner will last longer than traditional finishes. Once installed it keeps the pool warmer and needs less chemical treatment.

First Headline Draft: Our Swimming Pool Refinishing Costs Less, Lasts Longer and Will Need Less Chemicals and Stays Warmer!

Final Draft: New Pool Refinishing Method: Costs Less, Lasts Longer, Stays Warmer, Use Less Chemicals

Try to eliminate as many words as you can without sacrificing the point. The fewer words, the bigger the headline can be and the more likely you are to pass "The Glance Test".

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