Doing Some Shopping in Palm Cove  

by Pool Builders on 09-04-2011 in Articles

Not far from Cairns airport in the northeast corner of Australia is the quaint and picturesque tourist town of Palm Cove. Boasting beautiful sea and sand, it is no wonder that many Australian retirees choose to make their home here and that tourists flock from all over Australia to come and visit. Palm Cove is also known to visitors from many countries around the world who come to see numerous postcard-perfect beaches.

One of the features of Palm Cove which jumps out at the visitors is the fact that there are so many Palm Cove hotels lining the beach along the main strip of the Williams Esplanade. In fact it is difficult to find a hotel which does not boast an ocean view in Palm Cove - though for that perfect room those thinking of visiting the area should consider booking rooms well in advance of arrival.

Also located in the Williams Esplanade area is the Paradise Village Shopping Center. Offering everything from holiday clothing items to simple daily shopping goods, the shopping centre is the place to get hold of just about everything you need for your stay in Palm Cove. It is also located right on the waterfront, making the atmosphere and feel of the place all the more impressive and enjoyable. Also located in and around the shopping centre are plenty of restaurants where visitors can enjoy a casual day lunch or evening dinner accompanied by stunning ocean views.

The quaint Palm Cove village centre is home to a number of interesting and unique boutiques. There is also Internet access available here as well as some cozy coffee shops and practical services such as a money exchange and a post office. The entire centre is not far from some of the most areas along Coral Coast Drive which also connects Palm Cove with some other nearby beach towns. You can park your car up at the Paradise Cove Shopping Centre and take a short walk to the beach.

There are swimwear and other clothing stores which are open all year round at the shopping centre. Visitors should also be able to find children's floating devices and water toys here should they want to take the youngsters in the ocean or the resort pool. While the beach itself is stunning with sandy beaches and clear waters, the pools at the local resorts are just as fun and just that little bit safer too. Some of the pools are designed to resemble the ocean with small tree-covered islands planted in the middle. Others are large enough to accommodate hundreds of people though most pools are never actually full to capacity even in peak season.

One of the best ways to spend time in Palm Cove is lazing by the swimming pool reading a good book under an umbrella. Resort waiting staff are always on hand to cater to your every need so you never have to worry about losing your poolside lounger. You can order drinks and food and charge them to your room for added convenience - which means you never have to worry about carrying too much cash around.

If you are looking for something to occupy your children's day you can think about signing them up for swimming lessons. Many of the resorts have smaller pools in the grounds which are used mainly for children. Many resorts also offer bespoke swimming lessons and guests can leave their children in the care of qualified hotel staff and take some time to themselves. You may also find a few resorts with exercise or yoga classes in the morning as well as a full service spa for that perfect relaxation time.

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