Doing Swimming Lessons the Right Way - Teach Your Toddler to Swim and Fast Track His Motor Skills Development  

by Pool Builders on 06-04-2013 in Articles

We have all seen pictures of babies serenely swimming underwater like little mermaids€"in fact such a shot became famous when it was used as the cover for the iconic Nirvana album, "Nevermind". But is it feasible to have a go at teaching a toddler to swim, or should you wait until they are older before booking swimming lessons for toddlers?

Water Safety Issues

Water awareness is a very important safety consideration with young children. Children need to be taught about the dangers of water and the best way to do this is to introduce them to the water from a very young age. By making swim time a fun activity, you can gently teach them about the danger of water in a safe environment. That way they are less likely to venture too close to deep water and end up another drowning statistic.

Take Your Toddler Swimming

Babies and toddlers usually love the water, so take them to the local pool as often as you can. The more time they spend in the water, the more water confidence they will develop. Very young children and babies lack the co-ordination to swim properly, but once a child reaches the age of about 18 months, he or she should be able to kick their legs in the water, which is a precursor to swimming. Being comfortable underwater is a valuable aid to learning to swim, so the more time you spend encouraging your toddler to put his face in the water the better. By making a game of it, he will soon be well on the way to learning how to swim.

Toddler Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for babies and toddlers are less regimented than lessons aimed at pre-school children. Parents are encouraged to be in the water with their toddler and an instructor is on hand to guide the session and make learning fun. Children learn the basic arm and leg movements required for swimming through play. Toys are used to encourage toddlers to get used to the water in a fun way.

Practice Makes Perfect

Some children take to the water like a duck to water and are swimming within a few weeks, but others take a while longer to reach the same stage. Once a toddler is comfortable in the water and is old enough to be in a swimming pool unaccompanied, it is time to move on to the next stage of swimming lessons, which are group swim classes for 3-4 year olds.

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