Dolphin Bay - Swimming With the Dolphins in Dubai  

by Pool Builders on 01-21-2014 in Articles

Tucked away at Aquaventure Waterpark lies a unique attraction known as Dolphin Bay. This engaging attraction inhabited by the world's friendliest marine animals offers visitors a chance of a lifetime to interact, dive and swim with playful dolphins.

Tipped to be one of the must-have experiences when touring Dubai and in one's lifetime, swimming with the dolphins have never been this accessible. Housed within the extensive Aquaventure Waterpark's Atlantis region, Dolphin Bay is the stuff of dreams for those who wish to engage with the friendliest marine creatures on the planet. As one of the premier habitats for dolphins in the world, Atlantis' Dolphin Bay offers visitors of all ages the unique opportunity of interacting, swimming, and even scuba diving with these magical creatures.

Swimming abilities are the only pre-requisite for this encounter of a lifetime that is accessible to travellers from around the world although those with limited swimming skills can also participate in the activity by selecting an encounter that takes place in a shallow pool. The Atlantis Dolphin Encounter experience is perfect for families as even children with no swimming skills can also take part in this life changing activity. The shallow water meeting with a bottlenose dolphin takes place within a span of 30 minutes where guests are encouraged to hug and caress these energetic mammals. Ten participants can enjoy this program together while expert guides will also be on hand to divulge useful information on these curious marine mammals. The Dolphin Adventure Package at Dolphin Bay in contrast is for good swimmers that can tread water in the 3m deep pool. An exciting belly ride from the heart of the lagoon is also part of the program that is open to 6 guests at a time.

The Royal Swim however is a fast tracked intimate encounter that takes place in both shallow and deep water. Two dolphins will tow participants along the lagoon while they hold on tight to a boogie board with the dolphins pushing riders forward beneath the water. One can feed, swim underwater with them and ride the mammals on the popular Dolphin Scuba Dive while shutterbugs can also pose with the elegant marine animals at a photo session on the lagoon's fringes. An Observer Pass can be attained for those who simply wish to watch the beautiful creatures whereas educational showcases are also organized by the Atlantis Kid's Club.

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