Dolphin Pool Cleaner A Revolution In Pool Maintenance  

by Pool Builders on 03-02-2012 in Articles

Swimming ad pools are integral parts of our lives as it offers loads of fun. Swimming outdoors or inside, this is one of the activities enjoyed throughout the year. Dolphin is the best and first robotic pool cleaner offering scrubbing of pools and is the only industry offering advanced electronics, superior cleaning performance and unmatched service record.

Dolphin cleaner assists in scrubbing and vacuuming pool walls, floor and waterline. The filter bag of Dolphin is designed offering optimum porosity to ensnare even the smallest debris thereby preventing clogging. Dolphin operation saves nearly 50% on electricity and 30% on chemical costs.

Dolphin presents a new robotics world in pool cleaning. This orbit lengthens the filtration equipment life as it sweeps, scrubs and filters the debris and dirt into a machine washable self-contained filter bag. The safe side is it does not collect this into the pool filter system.

The Dolphin Pool cleaner parts help in re-circulating the pool water such that the pool chemicals get distributed better. It also facilitates using fewer chemicals and assists in swimming in an environmentally friendly pool.

Dolphin operated the filter system independently and saves 50% on electricity. Its best features are:
€ Sweeps scrubs and vacuums the pool.
€ Micro-filters pool water
€ Air sensor appropriate for beach entry pools
€ Exact for all pool surfaces
€ Corner cleaning movements are exclusive
€ Independent operation of filter and pump
€ Roller brush in split style featuring enhanced maneuvering
€ These are robotic cleaners operating with a low voltage electric motor

Pool cleaning is the most important safe guard from water borne illnesses. They are preventable by cleaning devices such as dolphin pool cleaners. This saves time and is authentic as automatic performance devices. These machines clean your pool under normal supervision and liberate enough time.

These robotic cleaners come in advanced models and are compatible with all pools. They are cleverly programmed and assist in cleaning efficiently. Maintaining cleaners are made simpler with Dolphin and there is an extensive collection of cleaning products for pool. The Dolphin pool cleaners have truly revolutionized the pool maintenance and most importantly, the pool hygiene remains humming throughout the swimming season.

The filter and pump system avoid wear and tear of your pool filter and pump that are caused by water powered cleaners. Dolphin uses water cooled motors ensuring 24 month guarantee and the advantage of no installation required is the best. Just plug in and get started.

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