Dolphin Swimming Pool Cleaners - Two Brands to Consider

by Pool Builders on 06-04-2009 in Articles

If you are eager to install a swimming pool in your home then you need to also consider the pool-cleaning device that you will use to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of that water. This is very important because you cannot imagine manually clean that pool regularly. The thought is just scary, isn't it? However, there is respite for you and this comes when you decide to go for automatic pool cleaners made by Dolphin.

Dolphin pool cleaners come in different brands but you need to consider two particular cleaners that will automatically clean your pool effectively and save you the energy and stress of doing the cleaning on your own. These brands are known as the DX 5B and DX3 automatic pool cleaners. Now, lets see some peculiarities about these pool cleaners, which will help your buying decision.

The Dolphin DX5 is the automatic pool cleaner which can be used to clean up very large pools (the type that you and your friends will love to jump in at once). This device is powered by batteries and does not have cords. It is remote controlled equipment built with a caddy. This appliance can be bought from pool supplies stores and the average price you can budget for it is $3000.

The Dolphin DX3 is at the other end of the DX5 brand. It can be used for pools that are not so large. This pool cleaner is still automatic and has similar features like those of the DX5 brand. If you are to budget for this pool cleaner t hen you need not less than $600, as this is the rate at which it is sold in most pool supplies stores.

Note, if you want to get a pool cleaner for that pool you intend installing, then the options given above from Dolphin should be considered. There are automatic pool cleaners that will clear away debris from your large or small pool. So, get any today. Please note that the price quote given above was based on prevailing market price as at the time of this writing.

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