Don’T Expect Too Much at Once From Swimming Lessons  

by Pool Builders on 01-22-2014 in Articles

Swimming lessons are a real life skill and if you don't know how to swim, the time to learn is now. Water is everywhere, even if you don't go to pools. There are rivers, lakes and creeks or you could even slip in your bathtub. By taking swimming lessons, you can learn to survive in water, as well as learning how to enjoy it. However, whether you are taking lessons yourself or whether you have enrolled your child, it is important that you have the right expectations. Everybody learns at their own pace, and comparing yourself (or your child) to others is not a good attitude.

It is very easy to become impatient with your lessons, or to feel badly about yourself if you're not picking things up as quickly as you had expected. It is incredibly important to not compare yourself to others, because as humans, we have a horrible tendency to only compare ourselves to those more advanced than us. Different people learn in different ways and so long as you have a good instructor, you will pick things up at some point. And perhaps you simply have a better affinity with certain strokes over others, meaning you will learn a different stroke much quicker than another.

You have to give yourself the time necessary to properly learn something new. What matters is that you stick with the program. There is no way that you can become a complete expert at swimming by taking a single lesson. All you have to do is be confident and believe in yourself, and you will be swimming like a fish as soon as you are ready.

Indeed, going through a learning process can be highly frustrating, particularly if you are being too hard on yourself in terms of results. This is why practice is so important, as is listening to your teacher. If you change the way you approach things, your results will change too and this can be either for the worse (by being too hard on yourself) or for the better (by allowing yourself time).

If you find you really are getting frustrated, speak to your friends and members of your family. You can also speak to your instructor in private and express your concerns. If they are unable to listen to your feelings, then they shouldn't teach you either. However, try not to speak about these things with others in your class, as they are actually still in the same situation as you, and they are probably comparing themselves to someone else as well.

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