Don't Rely on Teaching Your Child to Swim As The Only Way to Keep Your Baby and Young Children Safe Around Water: Be Proactive in Other Ways  

by Pool Builders on 08-21-2012 in Articles

There can be little doubt that babies and children are protected by learning to swim at appropriate swimming lessons for their age and stage of development. Knowing how to swim however, is only one tool that can aid towards helping prevent them from being hurt or killed in an accident that involves water. As adults, we all have a responsibility to protect the children in our care from water caused accidents and incidents so what can we do to make sure we fulfil this properly?

The Importance of Fencing the Pool

Many homes in England have back yard swimming pools. Many others have naturally occurring brooks or ponds that add value and beauty to the property. Aesthetically, fencing either a pool or a water feature may not be a popular idea, but if they pose a danger to young children this needs to be prioritised and everything necessary done to protect them from harm.

Many children have drowned when falling or jumping into unfenced swimming pools. To reduce this risk, many countries require pool owners to erect a fence both as evidence of responsible pool ownerships and as a legal requirement and as responsible pool ownership. Although not a requirement in the UK, many pool companies now recommend appropriate fencing with childproof locks on the gate, which can provide pool owners with peace of mind if they or visiting family and friends or neighbours have children.

Care of Children Around Water

Children should be supervised at all times around water and should never be left in or near any water unattended. Children can drown in very little water and it need only take a few seconds of a parent or carer being distracted for a child to fall or slip into water, panic and drown.

Child safety experts have suggested a number of ways to help keep children safe around swimming pools and other water sources. Enrolling your child in swimming lessons is an essential step in minimising the chances of them being hurt or injured. They also suggest that pool owners and adults, including parents, who care for children, must know how to resuscitate a child in the event of an emergency occurring. Together with fencing the pool and ensuring the gate is kept shut and supervising children at all times, children and babies can enjoy the fun of a backyard pool, whether it belongs to your own family or other people.

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