Doughboy Cartridge Pool Filters, Supplies and Parts-Offering Reasonably Good Filtration  

by Pool Builders on 09-08-2013 in Articles

What more can a person ask for after a tiring long day? Certainly... fun, refreshment and enjoyment. With swimming pool installed at the backyard of your house, you have all your questions answered. However, one thing that you go to remember is that while a clean and hygienic filter is always inviting, a dirty and ill-maintained which can become hot breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and micro-organisms and can thus pose health risk to swimmers.

Installing high quality cartridge filters along with other essential supplies and parts can prove to be instrumental in making it vibrant and clean. As compared to yesteryears, cartridge filters available these days are extremely sophisticated and light weighted. Moreover, they are designed using advanced technology that allows better filtration and longer filter life.

This new form of filter is being developed by manufacturers of brands like Doughboy, Harmsco, Pentair and others. Doughboy is one such brand that has years of experience in the swimming filter business. This brand besides offering high quality filters also provides some of the best supplies and other maintenance accessories, irrespective of different kinds you have.

Poolfilters as well as supplies of this brand are reliable and can efficiently clean up all sorts of dirt and scum. Being automatic, these accessories can clean it in the shortest time possible. Doughboy also offers different type of skimmers, cleaners and replaceable parts that may be required for above as well as in ground swimmingpools.

Cartridge filters from this brand have high quality polyester filtration media along with sharp pleat folds allow optimal flow of water as well as easy cleaning of cartridge. Besides this the anti-microbial protection doesn't allow micro-organisms to grow and breed here. This further prolongs the life of the filter and prevents bad odour and filter clogging. '

Although, cartridge filters of this brand offer great performance by filtering out particles as small as 5 microns, they tend to get depleted after an optimal filtering point. Beyond this, your filter would require replacement. You can easily replace your filtering element if you are aware of your filter's configurations and measurements.

In fact, you can avail the replaceable filtering element and parts at much discounted prices as compared to the original ones. The discounted price doesn't infer that they are of low quality. In fact, these parts either offer performance at par or at times even better than the original ones.

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