Drainage Problems - A Homeowner's Waterloo   

by Pool Builders on 09-18-2011 in Articles

Drainage problems in a house, around a house and on top of a house can cause a homeowner to want to run off. When in fact water run-off may be the key to the homeowner's solution.

A first-time homeowner may not be able to identify water damage signs inside of a house. A home inspector or an experienced landlord should be consulted to help the novice property owner recognize damage caused by improper drainage. A cracked foundation can indicate the drainage is not adequate near the base of the house. Water needs to be directed away from the foundation. The owner should disperse water into a garden or toward a sewer system.

If the foundation is not cracked but doors and doorframes are hanging askew, a problem close to the house could once again be the culprit. Poor drainage can cause water to put pressure on vertical walls. Given enough time and water, your house may settle unevenly.

Foundation cracks and house settling, due to water pressure can be remedied. A French drainage system, which is composed of a trench filled with gravel or a pipe lying in a trench can route water away from the house.

Pooled water in the garden should be investigated. The homeowner's children may delight in the prospect of having a natural swimming pool, but mummy needs to find the source of the water and get rid of it. Improper grading of the garden can cause pools of stagnant water. The earth should slope away from the house to help channel the water away from the house.

Soil that retains moisture can cause problems around a house. Moisture content is dependent upon the amount and type of clay that make up the soil in the homeowner's garden. There are chemicals available that can help prevent soil expansion and reduce the chance of acquiring standing water.

Another solution for pooled water is a barrier system. Erecting a type of fortification or water diversion curb can reroute water that might end up in an unwanted puddle.

Standing water on the roof of a house can cause many problems for the virgin property owner. Some of the water may stay on the roof and some may seep into the walls of the house. Water that gets into the house can cause mould and mildew. The air quality in the home becomes compromised with the addition of mould and mildew.

The solution for standing roof water can be as easy as ridding the gutters and downspouts of debris. Gutters can become clogged with tree leaves, twigs, pinecones and nuts. The homeowner should make sure rainwater could run easily from rooftop to garden.

Drainage problems can occur in, around and on top of a house. Homeowners should inspect the inside of the house, the real estate around the house and the top of the domicile for water problems. Adequate drainage can provide a homeowner with a safe and healthy residence. Home inspectors, plumbers and concrete foundation contactors can be solicited to scrutinize the integrity of a house. An unnoticed drainage issue can have the homeowner up to his eyeballs in unwanted water.

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